Judging others by their appearances

Topics: Human, Abuse, Physical Appearance Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: February 26, 2014

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To see is to believe. It’s one of the reasons why we often misjudge people based on their appearance, we see their outlook as a reflection of their personality or on how they live their lives. We are human beings; we are so quick to judge others. I know that judging others will hurt them because in the first place nobody likes it. As for me I do not like people judging others especially if they didn’t even know them, but we always have that some point in time that we cannot avoid judging people, it is part of growing up with our surroundings and becoming aware of them. But saying that you do not like a person because of how he/she looks like is going overboard of judging, this may often lead to bullying and losing self esteem because of their appearance. That’s why some girls wouldn’t even go out without wearing makeup, because make up can enhance beauty and thus boosting confidence in oneself. I am often misjudge by others because of how quiet and calm I am, they might think that I’m boring and has no friends at all and I cannot avoid those judgments because it is how they think, it is their perception of me as a person. Judging others can lead to racism and discrimination which is a bad thing, by judging in that kind of way is stereotyping others. When a girl sees a man with lots of tattoos and piercing, she assumes that this man is a criminal which is a form of stereotyping. Some forms of judgment is psychological, example when a boy was bullied as a child by a guy who used to wear red all the time, this boy might grow up fearing and avoiding those who wear red. It all depends on our surroundings and on how we think of others. The viral music video of Miley Cyrus’ wreaking ball has a lot of judgment going on; people were disappointed by the way she turned out to be.

I mean, no one expected her to be completely different and naked in her music video since she was a Disney child star....
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