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Why strategic marketing?

-Draw up a business plan -Negociate budgets with marketing department -Gain efficiency in marketing department auditing -Be able to analyse and rate a company’s marketing strategy

-Understand the diference between Strategic and Tactical marketing -Be able to work out a strategic marketing planning process -Fully understand the essence of strategic marketing: the STP process -Be able to work out a STP through a case study used as a guiding thread -Grasp Brand Management an put into practice the concepts



Definition of strategy and strategic marketing

Strategic Business Unit


-Define the corporation mission and values (annual report)

oReflects management’s vision of what the organization seeks to do
oDescribes an organization’s purpose regarding its customers, products/services, markets, philosophy, and technology

o Inspires and challenges employees to do what is valued by the organization and its customers

oKey questions for a mission statement
 What is our business? Who is the customer?
What is of value to the customer? What will our business be? What should our business be?

-Define the Business and establish Strategic Business Units (SBU) -
Assess Growth Opportunities 21/09/2010
Strategic Business Unit o Organizational unit which sales a group of identified products o... to a group of identified customers o... facing an identified group of competitor oBusiness Portfolio Selection oCompetitive advantage definition

Product oMarketing Plan

The Marketing Planning Process

A structured process Leeds to a coordinated set of marketing decisions/actions Covers a specific period for a specific organization Customer focused
It is:
- - - -
Strength: What the organization is good at doing or some characteristic that gives it an important capability.
Weaknesses: What an organization lacks or does poorly relative to other organizations
Opportunities: Developments or conditions in the environment that have favorable implications for the organization.
An area of buyer needs an interest in which there is a high probability that a company can profitably satisfy that need.
Threats: Pose dangers to welfare (“bien-être”) of the organization. External analysis
Marketing Intelligence

Macro Environment Forces

- Demographic - Economic - Technological - Political – legal - Social – cultural

Micro Environment

Actors - Market (quantitative)
- Consumers (needs, perceptions, behavior) - Competitors- Suppliers - Distributors

Question to ask after a SWOT analysis:

-Which strengths represent distinctive competencies? Do they compare favorable with what are believed to be market or industry seccess requirement?

-Which weaknesses disqulify the organization drom pursing certain opportunities?

-Does a pattern emerfe from the SWOT analysisShould the business limit itself to those opportunities where it possesses the required strengths? Should it consider opportunities that mean......
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