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Topics: Fan Bingbing, Beauty, Dress Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: July 14, 2013
“ The Girl In Dream Of The Designer ''

Fan Bing bing, a Chinese actress, singer, producer, and wickedly awesome dresser. She is 31 year old, stunning beauty with height 168 cm and weigh 52.5 kg. Known for her very large eyes and small proportional face, Fan has been dubbed “goddess” by her Chinese fans and is a lightning rod in the fashion community, a topic of constant discussion and excitement. She has slim and lovely body which suit her very much with tied fitted dress.  She also goes very well with low cut dress which make her look sexy and elegant. Bing bing often appear in public is with elegant long dress.  She is also often boldly dress up with stunning and catchy design.  Her dress could be overwhelmed to some but she stands out beautifully and gracefully with her ways of having fun by playing dress up. Bing bing always find the spirit of the dress, she also refined in developing strong personal appearance. That's why Asian beauties stand whenever appearance.

Page Redcarpet compare Bing bing as "the girl in the dream of the designer". Each occurrence of the events, large and small, Bing bing are characterized by different styles. Oriental facial features, body shape, elegant and a little pride ... all impress beautiful Asian beauty and allure. Fan Bing bing not bind itself in a certain style. So in the event, fans are nervously waiting for the image that she will bring. Actors dared to try a variety of outfits and very smart in the coordinate map, so she completely mastered what jacket on people, making them beauty Fan Bingbing way. In late 2012, many world famous fashion website ranked Bing bing in the first position in the list of best-dressed female artist in 2012. The voting results indicate that taste in fashion world Bing bing is confirmed. Progresses in the field of cinema, the way to behave more sober, mature, Bing bing gradually rid label "vase" to become a celebrity due to the power of art. Fan Bing bing ranked first in the list of the...
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