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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Dvision of Lipa
Lipa City, Batangas



At the end of learning session, the pupils are expected to: A. Identify the factors that may affect personal appearance. B. Explain the importance of each factor in everyday living. C. Observe and practice health habits to keep good personal appearance. D. Practice teamwork, participate actively in all activities.


Topic: Keeping Your Personal Appearance
Reference: Shaping Life through HELE 4, p.p 9 – 15.


A. Preparatory Activities

1. Drill
It’s a brand new day with your classmate! You are all excited to begin our lesson for the new day. Before you reached school though, you did a lot of rituals to make yourself ready and fresh. Can you try to remember what you do before going here our school? Make a list of your own rituals for this day.

2. Review
What is personality?
Why should we improve oneself to make a better person?
3. Motivation
Look at yourself in front of a mirror. Are there changes in your physical appearance? Do you like different form how you looked like years ago? You are growing up? You will now become a teenager. Do you know how to keep yourself clean?

B. Developmental Activities

1. Presentation
Relate the activity they do of listing their own rituals everyday to the lesson you will discuss.
Present unscrambled letters in the boxes and let them find the answer. O| O| G| D|

O| M| G| I| R| N| G| O|

Facilitate discussion of the lesson using the Guide Questions.
Divide the class into 3 groups.

Setting of standards to be followed in doing the activity.

Each group will do different exercises for 5 minutes.

Let the students do the following activities....
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