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Bullying Behaviors
William Goldings’, Lord of the Flies is the story of a group of young boys fighting for survival on a desolate island. On this island, the boys go through many forms of bullying, leading to the loss of civilization and death. From Jack hurting Piggy, to Ralph calling Simon ‘mad’ the boys have single handedly separated themselves into two categories; the bullies and the bullied. Golding, obviously can see how bullying arises from seemingly innocent children. He has created a world where forms of bullying take place in the everyday life of young boys. Although many do not, most boys on the island become bullies in some way. Boys engage in bullying behaviors for many reasons, including their own physical characteristics and even popularity.

One reason boys engage in bullying behaviors is because of their own physical features. In the beginning of the novel, Piggy tells Ralph that he can call him anything but Piggy. When Ralph and Piggy find the other boys Ralph says, “He’s not Fatty his real name’s Piggy”(21). Ralph betraying Piggys’ trust so early in the novel is a form of bullying in itself. Ralph told the other boys to call him Piggy just so they’d think he is funny. Ralph sees that Piggy is overweight and not athletic, so he immediately takes advantage of the fact that he is in better shape, and that he is better looking. Another example of bullying based on physical appearance happens in the beginning of the novel as well. As Ralph is swimming, Piggy explains that he can only get his feet wet because of his asthma. Ralph immediately says, “Sucks to your ass-mar”(13). Again, Ralph is bullying Piggy over a physical trait. Ralph knows he is bigger, stronger, more athletic, and better looking than Piggy. Ralph takes advantage of Piggys’ physical downfalls in order to make him feel better about himself.

Another reason boys engage in bullying is because of popularity. Towards the middle of the novel Jack becomes very popular within the group...

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