Mad Shadows Essay

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The correlation between, love, beauty, and truth are strongly demonstrated through Louise and her daughter Isabelle-Marie. When Louise looks at Isabelle-Marie she sees the truth of her ugliness, yet doesn’t see true beauty nor feel a connection for love. Isabelle-Marie is like her mother on the inside but not on the out. Louise does not care for the inside which is unfortunate for Isabelle-Marie because it is the only thing she had going for her. This leaves Isabelle-Marie to being nothing but an ugly girl. When Louise looks at Patrice she only sees the reflection of her own beauty. She doesn’t realize or care for nothing else because beauty is what only matters to her.

Louise’s love for beauty caused her to be blinded from the truth. Isabelle-Maries desire to be loved for her inner beauty causes her to elude the truth. Louise was so infatuated with Patrice’s beauty that she believed that there should be no need to care for anything else. This is where it goes wrong for Isabelle-Marie because if she’s not beautiful, she’s entirely nothing in Louise’s eyes. This makes Isabelle-Marie feel like a wasted unwanted child even though she would be a perfect child to any other parent and being loved for the right reasons. Louise felt that she didn’t need to give Isabelle-Marie any attention since she was already devoting it all to Patrice and living off of Patrice’s beauty. As Louise gave in so much care and love over Patrice’s beauty, she realized that she wanted the same thing for herself. She was desired to be loved over how Patrice was loved. What she didn’t realized was that she would be loved for the wrong reason. She then found Lan which gave her everything she wanted, which was basically fake love. Why would she want fake love? At this point in time Louise had nothing for or to herself. This is why she just accepted Lan and allowed him to take all the attention onto himself and away from Patrice. Louise went so low that she would...
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