Makeup’s Benefits for Women

Topics: Cosmetics, Mascara, Physical Appearance Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Why do women wear make-up? Is it harmful or beneficial for them? Actually, some people criticize make-up because they think that there are many damages for women. Of course, this is true in some situations. For example, when people use make-up wrongly or they do make-up much than necessary. It is harmful for women’s body and skin. Their skin can’t be smooth with time or they can’t look natural. However, makeup is beneficial for women if it is used correctly. Women know that make-up is necessary for them in some situations and they make up when they go to work, school or shop. In fact, they pay much money for make-up. According to a research, they spend $1000 in a year. That is, most women use cosmetics and to do this, they have many reasons.

Women generally use makeup to affect other people, such as their boyfriends, husbands, friends or boss. Makeup is used for first impression on people. Today, most people evaluate women by looking into their physical appearance. For example, when a woman go to an interview for a job, employer can look whether she is well-cared or wear avaiblable or not. Physical appearance is important for them because even you go to somewhere, such as a shop center, most people examine them. In addition, competition is common between women in today. People ask who is most charmful? Actually, beauty contests are very comon and most women want to select. “The most beautiful and charmful women”. However, makeup is necessary in this situation. If we look into these words, we can understand that makeup is important. “There is no ugly woman, there is woman who does not care about herself”. Moreover, makeup is an effective factor in their love life because most men are attracted to charmful women who wear makeup. For example, a man sees who has glamorous red lips, sweet cheek bones, smooth skin and beautiful eyes and then he can fall in love with her. If this woman would not care about herself, he may not like her. Therefore, makeup creates...
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