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Topics: Youth mentoring, Youth, Young Pages: 34 (3630 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Effective Practice in
Youth Mentoring

Stephen Hollywood


 What is Youth Mentoring?
 Benefits of Youth Mentoring
 A successful Youth Mentoring
 Designing a Mentoring Programme
 Developing a Mentoring a
Mentoring approach
 Mentoring Skills, Roles & Qualities
 Guidelines for Mentors
 Ending the Mentoring Relationship

What is Youth Mentoring?
From my experience, Youth Mentoring is complex. It
is somewhat different from coaching, teaching,
tutoring or lecturing. It can vary from one situation
to another. It is important that the purposes and
intentions of a mentoring programme are set in a
particular context. A mentor is basically someone
who helps another person through a transitional
period of their lives, for example, someone leaving
care, as a consequence of a custodial sentence,
personal growth or the development of a chosen
career path etc....
Youth Mentoring is not a one-size-fits-all concept.
Every young person who enters into a mentoring
programme has different needs, issues and barriers
which hinder his/her personal progression. A
successful Youth Mentoring programme is flexible to
meets the needs of the young person which will
allow them to flourish.
The traditional form of mentoring is one to one
although it is important to recognise that this is only
one form of support. ‘Mentees’ can also be
supported by friends, parents, community groups,
community/voluntary sector agencies,
teachers/tutors/lecturers, employers etc...It is also

imperative that the mentor collaborates effectively
with the aforementioned to ensure the mentee
realizes his/her full potential. Other forms of
mentoring include:

Group Mentoring (One or more adults working
with a group of young people.)

Peer Mentoring (Caring youth, working with other

Team Mentoring (Several adults working with
groups of young people)

E – Mentoring (Mentoring via email or online)
Co – Mentoring ( A relationship between two
people that is non-hierarchical which is mutually
reciprocated and benefits both parties)
Benefits of Youth Mentoring
Young people
Young people from all walks of life can experience
mentoring programs which enhances and develops
varying aspects of their lives. Programs are
designed using a person-centered approach with
the focus entirely on the goals and aspirations of
the young person who may be:
• Disengaged or at risk of disengaging from

the education system
• Seeking to make the transition from school
to work or further education
• Involved in or seeking to transition from the
justice system
• Socially isolated, for whatever reason
• Young parents
• Seeking to connect or reconnect with
cultural identity
• Keen to increase their career options
Young people who are involved in mentoring
programs are likely to experience:
• Improvements in their relationships with
family and peers
• An increase in their overall communication
skills with others
• Reduced feelings of isolation
• A reduction in risky behaviour
• Enhanced social and emotional development
• Increased options and opportunities for
• Increased resilience
As a mentor, you are likely to feel an enormous
sense of reward and satisfaction in making a
difference to a young person’s life. Mentoring a
young person will also make a mentor reflect on
their own lives, hopes and aspirations and will value

the opportunity to give something back to society
and community. Through engaging in mentoring,
mentors will also develop new skills, meet new
people and add variety to their life experiences.
Mentoring has a very positive impact on local
communities via the influence of positive
relationships and a increased sense of an
integrated, connected community. Mentoring can
also help build a strong community through
collaborative partnerships with a range of
public/community/private sector agencies and...
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