Miss Strangeworth

Topics: Tendency, Grocery store, Family Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Characters can be described by looking at their different character traits. Miss Adela Strangeworth in “The Possibility of Evil” can be described by examining her characteristics of personality and physical appearance, her lifestyle and activities, her hobbies and interests, and her goals and responsibilities. One way Miss Adela can be characterized, is through her personality and physical appearance. Miss Adela is a dainty 70 year old woman, often seen wearing a neat skirt and one of her many proverbial hats. She knows nearly everyone in town and is highly respected by everybody since her grandfather had founded the city through his lumber mill. She is also famous for her roses that are planted around her house. Tourists often ask to take them, but Miss Adela selfishly never gives any of her roses away. Although she establishes this image of an elderly innocent woman, Miss Adela Strangeworth has a dark side of arrogance and being judgmental. She greets everyone with a kind, loving face but secretly criticizes anything she supposes is their wrongdoing and assumes they are evil. Through her personality and physical appearance, Miss Adela can be described as passive-aggressive and self-centered.

In addition to her personality and physical appearance, Miss Adela may also be characterized through her lifestyle and activities. On her way to the grocery store, Miss Strangeworth has to stop every minute or so to say good morning or ask after someone’s health. When she arrives to the grocery store, nearly twelve people stop what they’re doing to wave at her or call out good morning. This example demonstrates how important she is to her community and how highly-respected she is. When she finally makes it to Mr. Lewis, the grocer, she asks for her tea in which she purchases every Tuesday. After paying for her groceries, she daintily walks home and stops in front of her gate, like she always does, and gazes raptly with deep pleasure at her neat house and colorful roses....
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