Physical Appearance and Body Image Contribute Significantly to an Individual's Sense of Self

Topics: Self, Peer group, Human appearance Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Physical appearance and body image contribute significantly to an individual’s sense of self.

The group to which we belong play a significant role in shaping our identity. We develop sense of identity based on how peer groups and authority see us based on appearances and body image such as the colour of skin, style, and stature. These judgments contribute significantly to our sense of self. However, a group, such as our family, does not judge us merely on our appearance and body image.

As we grow older, we often try to mingle with our peer groups to get a sense of belonging. Our sense of self is then influenced by opinions of peers, how they judge us based on our looks. For example, fat people in general get bullied because their stature don’t look the same from the majority of the group. This can impact their individual’s sense of self, their personality and self-esteem can be disrupted as they become isolated from the peer group. They may perceive themselves as useless and inferior. This also can be exemplified from the film, Skin, directed by Anthony Fabian. Sandra goes to a white school for the first time and the classmates and even the teachers begin discriminating her because she’s ‘black’. Therefore, Sandra’s self-perception is changed as she considers herself now as “black” and therefore an inferior mankind because now she does not feel she belongs to a white community because her appearance is different from everybody else. This proves how significant peer groups’ views on our appearance contributes to an individual’s identity.

In addition, we are also defined based on authority’s and society’s views on our physical appearance and body image. In society, if you want to apply for a job, you need to do a job interview. The first thing you want to do when you arrive on an interview is to look neat and have a good posture because the first impression is what matters most. Statistic shows that visual contributes to 73% to being successful in...
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