Poem Analysis

Topics: Woman, Girl, Happiness Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Kierra McCollum
March 5, 2013
Eng 102
Poem Analysis

                          Barbie doll

The poem "Barbie doll", by Marge Piercy is a poem that expresses the struggles young females face throughout their daily lives. In the beginning of the poem Piercy talks about a young girl growing up with a “normal life." By normal life it means that she played with dolls and went to school. The author also implies that she was healthy and smart. Then she goes on to talk about how the young girl is being teased because of the way she looks. Females deal with being teased about their appearance every day. Most of these issues such as bullying, teasing and having low self-esteem lead to death whether it is murder or suicide. A lot of females today are very insecure with their bodies and would do anything to get the approval of others or to look like any celebrity. Society and the media today give females false advertisements about how they should look which leads them into getting cosmetic surgery. This young girl was so concerned about what others thought about her that "she cut off her nose and her legs and offered them up" (lines17-18). With this quote you can infer that she either underwent surgery or she committed suicide. It is more likely that she did plastic surgery so that everyone could think that she is beautiful. Getting plastic surgery was the only way that she could get the satisfaction of her classmates. She allowed other people define what is beautiful for her and standing up for herself. Some people say that beauty is pain.   "She was advised to play coy, exhorted to come on hearty, exercise, diet......"(lines 12-14). People tried to help her by telling her to exercise and diet. In the end the girl dies. "She lay with the undertaker's cosmetics painted on, a turned-up putty nose". As she is lying down in the casket she has on makeup and a new nose. While everyone is viewing her body...
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