professional grooming

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Today's workforce comes from varied cultural and social backgrounds, with differing standards and behaviors.
These may not always be in sync with the norms of the organization. The grooming and business etiquette program is targeted at making the participants learn about behaviors that are appropriate for the workplace.

one should only wear expensive clothes.
But wearing one’s best professional attire to work is expected. If you are serious about your career then you need to take personal grooming a little more seriously.

Where I have found slack in personal grooming, I have also found a slack in self confidence. When people take their appearance and their grooming seriously, it shows up in their attitude, and reflects in the way they talk and the way they think about their goals.

Don’t let your designation decide your dressing for you;
let your grooming be led by your vision.
Put your best foot forward in everything you do, including your appearance.

freshers are new for professional world they dont know the imp of grooming Personal grooming is very important. To be able to function and fit in in today’s society, you must make sure your personal grooming is up to standard. Job opportunities, relationship possibilities, and invitations to parties and other social events are all inextricably linked to how you present yourself to the world. Grooming is simply one of those things that there is no excuse not to take time and effort with. The poll has shown that looking good in the workplace may be the key to career advancement, with 78.6 per cent of respondents believing there is a correlation between being well-groomed and growing professionally. Good personal grooming and style shows an interest in the position (as stated by 27.5 per cent), as well as being demonstrative of good character

“Quite clearly, personal appearance is of importance to many employers and employees in the region. It would seem to have a major influence on decisions to hire candidates or not, while good grooming may continue to have an impact from within the workplace, affecting the possibilities of promotion,”

“If your office has an agreed-upon dress code,” Masri says, “then you should have no problems. But if it doesn’t, it's up to you to get it right. Always remember that understated elegance really makes a difference. When starting a new job, always keep in mind that how you dress will tell your boss and others in the organization how you see yourself and how you approach the job.”

“Despite the high correlation between personal grooming and professional success, this does not mean spending an exorbitant amount in keeping appearances. “spend only a moderate amount of their income on grooming and clothes.

Personal grooming is very important. Your appearance says a lot

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Remember this when preparing to meet with a prospective employer. The picture you create will greatly influence your chances of being hired. Most employers form a first impression during the first seven seconds of a meeting. Not much is said is this short time; early judgment is based strictly on appearance. Furthermore, studies reveal that employers consistently ask the question, "Does the individual look right for the job?"

First impressions are very important, and never so much as in the corporate/business field. It's not just a matter of bathing, and not stinking.
If you want to win that customer, get that contract, you want to look and feel like you are professional, competent, and able. So you dress accordingly.
Many of us object to being judged for employment based on how we look. We prefer to be hired because of our skills and abilities, not because of our dress and grooming. BUT like it or not, appearance is important.

While the college campus may be the perfect forum in which to exhibit your flair for the latest in fashion style,...
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