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Topics: Learning, Beauty, Want Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: March 13, 2013
“Devil Wears Prada”
Andrea Sachs or Andy was an undergraduate student of Journalism. A smart, fast learner and hard working young lady who wanted a job and applied for being an assistant of the superior editor in chief of the famous fashion magazine Runway. Not knowing that it’s the beginning of hell in her life. She had to do ridiculous tasks Miranda, the scary dragon lady also known as her boss, commands. And she has to endure all the pain of walking and running around the whole city with numerous designer paper bags in her hands. She has to do task that are IMPOSIBBLE but she have to make it possible. She has to be the most flexible assistant of Miranda’s assistant. And she has to ditch her boyfriend’s birthday just because her boss told her to do last-minute demands. She learned patience at its peak, she learned to be strong and reality isn’t about rainbows and butterflies. She also discovered that she can wear designer clothes and actually pulled it off. There are so many things she learnt. She begins to form a friendship between the Fashion Director and Miranda’s real assistant Emily. And she also made a connection to the famous writer for New York magazine. I can actually picture myself as Andy, the naïve girl who gradually realized that she had to improve her looks and skills for her job. She is after all in a Fashion Industry which requires physical beauty and somehow overlooked inner beauty of every human. As the day goes by the little by little impressed her boss by doing the impossible stuffs, the problems started to build up. Her boyfriend confronted her that she’s not the old Andy he knows and that she became a Runway girl who only cares for physical aspects and Miranda told her to tell Emily that she’ll replace her for Paris. She accepted the Paris offer and now she slowly find out a lot of shocking truth in the whole fashion world and began to think about how in the world she let herself got into this messy, and chaotic and unfair world? She...
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