Report on Barriers to Good Listening

Topics: Physical Appearance, Brain, Mind Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Barriers to Good Listening

To be an effective listener, you should improve your listening skills and abolish the barriers or hindrance to a good and clear listening.

1. Prejudging

* Happens when you jump to the conclusion that you understand the speaker’s meaning before it is fully expressed. * This results in the wrong interpretation of the message and the false belief that you have listened effectively. * Another way to prejudge a speech is to decide that the topic has little value for you, even before you hear the message; you prematurely reject the speaker’s ideas as boring for he/she has nothing valuable to say.

2. Criticizing Delivery and Physical Appearance

* A common problem in listening is that of focusing on the external aspects of the speaker’s appearance and delivery are attractive. * Some of us are putt off by personal appearance, regional accents, speech defects or unusual vocal mannerisms, mentally criticizing either the physical appearance or speech delivery at the cost of not receiving accurately or beneficially the information sent to us.

3. Listening too hard

* Listening too hard cam be a barrier of good listening especially when we focus the speech word by word. * If we listen to every word as if it’s equally important, we often miss the speaker’s point. We lose the main message by concentrating on details.

4. Intrusion of the Past

* We often bring our past- our past feelings, values and attitudes into the speech setting. Memories of the past events can be triggered by a mere word or a reference to a place. * Many people spend time mentally debating with a speaker, thereby remaining stuck on one idea in the past while the speaker moves ahead to others. * We remember past feelings from previous encounters with a person which can also color the way we understand a person today.

5. Drifting Thoughts

* The brain is incredibly efficient. Although we talk a rate of 120-150 words a...
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