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Topics: Beauty, Unilever, Skin Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Consumer Behaviour Assignment

To understand and apply different concepts and models of Consumer Behavior.

Phase I

The Product selected is Dove Soap.

Dove soap, which was launched by Unilever in 1957, has been available in India since 1995. It provides a refreshingly real alternative for women who recognise that beauty is not simply about how you look, it is about how you feel. The skin's natural pH is slightly acidic 5.5-6. Ordinary soaps tend to be alkaline, with pH higher than 9. Dove is formulated to be pH neutral (pH between 6.5 and 7.5) and to be mild on skin. This makes it suitable for all skin types for all seasons. While Dove soap bar is widely available across the country, Dove Body Wash is available in select outlets. Globally, Dove has been extended to many other countries. Since the 1980s, for example, Unilever has launched a moisturising body-wash, deodorants, body lotions, facial cleansers and shampoos and conditioners, providing a comprehensive range of solutions to bring out true inner beauty.

Dove targets women and contributes to the beauty which exists in every women.

For example, “Beauty. It’s is not about glamour of fame. It’s about every women and the beauty that is in each of us. That’s what Dove is all about. And that’s why more women trust their skin to Dove.”

a) To find the attributes of Dove Soap an in-depth interview was taken with 8 people. The results of which are as follows: ATTRIBUTESBENEFITS
¼ Hydrating LotionGives Soft and Glowing Skin
Cream BasedYoung and Youthful Skin Always
Rich LatherBathing Satisfaction
Less FragranceLess Chemicals
White ColourColour of Cream
Shape of the SoapLess Melting and Body Gripping
High Price High Quality
No Side EffectsTrusted Soap
PackagingEasy to open

A few negative Aspects also came up eventually, they were:
1. Its not that good for women with oily skin.
2. Less fragrance.
3. Costly

b) Dove Soaps competes with Nivea...
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