Restructuring of Kenya's Political Economy: a Case for Social Justiice!

Topics: Economics, Capitalism, Macroeconomics Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: August 17, 2013
Which school of thought do I subscribe to in political economy? If I dismiss the current conditions under which production or consumption is organised in Kenya, then what alternative do I offer? These are questions that I face every time I state that it does not matter whether its Uhuru or Raila in state house, Kenyans will continue suffering unless the current economic order is restructured. My view is that non of the two can willingly lead restructuring of the economy because they are beneficiaries of the status quo.

As I mentioned in my recent post, I am a libertarian social democrat. I believe that the private sector should and can be facilitated thrive, but with strong involvement of the democratically established state in tempering with untoward tendencies in the free market economy, so as to redirect productive resources to achieve socialistic ends.

In line with this, my view is that the fundamental economic objectives that should be pursued in building a socially just Kenyan nation revolve around restructuring of: the growth of the country's economy; the distribution of the country's wealth; the ownership of the country's resources; the control of the country's resources; and the utilisation of the country's resources

In commitment to social justice, a new breed of leadership should unfailingly pursue restructuring of the economy to ensure that economic activities in Kenya serve the needs and interests of the whole population. The economic objectives should be that every family has the capacity to feed, clothe and house itself, which in turn implies that every family has access to remunerative employment that is capable of providing these things. Food, clothing and shelter are the cornerstones upon which the belief and commitment to economics of social justice must rest.

Growth of the economy, which refers to the rate at which it increases its output of goods and services, will have to be increased and maintained at a substantial rate since...
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