Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Physical Appearance, Hope That We Can Be Together Soon, Counterargument Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Rhetorical Analysis
Raina Kelley covers society's issues and cultural controversies for Newsweek and The Daily Beast.’s. In her article “Beauty Is Defined, and Not By You” aims to convince her readers that women success or not is not depends on beauty. “When I’m on m deathbed, I hope to be smiling in satisfaction about all I accomplished, not that I made it to 102 without any cellulite.” One of her goals is to remain all girls do not get influence by this society, just be brave and continue to reject that beauty is the only way to get ahead. Kelley used personal experiences, facts and examples, also counter argument to create a convincing argument. This is an article from “The Daily Beast”, an American news reporting and opinion website. The readers are most likely teenagers or young ladies whom care about their looks think that beauty is the only way to be success. In here, we can easily see that Kelley was trying to talk to this group of people, “We can spend our days competing with fashion models and movie stars. In other words, you can be Hillart Clinton or Heidi Montag. It’s your choice.” Kelley used the examples to make the audience feel more familiar and relate to today’s society. Kelley chose this group of audience because they experience the “beauty” influence in our culture. “Yes, people can be vicious in their categorization of women’s looks. Insult them back or ignore them.” Also, Kelley did not write this article by used formal language. Other readers might include people who are following this society would probably be less likely to agree with Kelley. At first, Kelly stated that the society is controlling what beauty means and we can never fulfill the requirement. Then Kelley used her personal experience to tell us that beauty is not an important thing in her life that deals to her success. Therefore, after Kelley got attention from the reader, Kelley started giving the facts and statistics to support that beauty is not the only way to get...
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