Rizal's Moustache

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Jose Rizal’s Moustache

Each one of us has the right to create our own identity and create our own looks that makes us different from others. Men like us grew our “bigote” or moustache for different reasons. Some to show to other people their masculinity, others believe that it is a simple of being “macho” or attractive, other says that moustache adds on the sex appeal of men since it was use to tickle the girls while others just grow moustache without any reason at all. But for Rizal, his moustache somewhat signifies his rebellion to the present government and he used it as a way to prompt the time when he was already starting to plan some new tactics to use against his enemies.

I believe that writing a message of defiance on his face with a few short strands of hair is one good way of starting his rebellion with the Spaniards. His moustache signified how he tried to change his appearance just to make his silent attack to the cruel Spaniards. Although others think that it was coward of him to fight the Spaniards by using his pen and paper through his novels and essays and not bolos and pistols in shedding blood in the battlefield, I still believe that Rizal’s way of fighting against the Spaniards is admirable and we should thank him for that because in one way or another, he still contributed to the independence and freedom that we experience right now.

Jose Rizal’s moustache is already part of his identity, his appearance, and his patriotism to save his country from slavery. His moustache makes his face look so stern, just right for his stern mission for freedom. Rizal won’t be Rizal without his moustache.
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