Role of Media in Democracy

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Today media forms an integral part of everyone’s lives. Various forms of media are print, radio, television and internet. Media keeps us updated with developments around the world. Media connects us with social, political, economical, religious, sporting and entertainment events around the world. Media also influences our thoughts and actions

Internet has revolutionised media. We get connected to the world with just a click of a mouse. It is the most popular form of media today. Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites have made the world smaller. Today, blogging is a powerful tool for sharing ones thoughts.

Media professionals from the television and print industry often risk their lives when reporting tragedy events. Television and radio play a significant role in educating rural masses. Commercialization has created a stiff competition in media. To gain higher TRP ratings, television channels compete with each other to attract eyeballs.

One cannot forget the contribution of media to the entertainment industry. Media provides us entertainment right at our homes. Music and movies are easily available to us through internet and television.

Media has evolved over the years. It acts as watchdog in democracy that keeps government alert and responsive. Media should take utmost care in airing or publishing sensational news. Excessive coverage of sensitive news can lead to communal rivalry. Repetition or irresponsive reporting makes one indifferent to media.

The media industry is also one of the most booming and lucrative industry providing huge employment opportunities. What role should media then play? It must be fair, ethical, reliable and accurate. Media should provide a platform to debate important social and national issues which impact the nation. When this happens, indeed we can say that media has played its role constructively in the development and progress of India and our people. It is impossible to imagine a life...
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