Roles Of A Manager Within Functional Areas Of Business

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Roles of a Manager within Functional Areas of Business
Matthew E. Harlow
February 16, 2015
Instructor: Kimberly Roberts

Roles of a Manager within Functional Areas of Business
"Business and Government are just the same except in all the important aspects."(Joseph L. Bower, 1970, p.70). This quote makes sense, because both require a management level that must be versatile and play distinct roles in different business situations or organizations. These functions are important to any business and its success. Managers Role in a Business

Business's all have different functions, goals, and ratios to gauge, to be successful. A manager's job has different levels, and some are from a great extent to a lower degree. But they all must have key attributes to be successful for their subordinates and peers. They must have authority so that those they look over respect them and follow through with a task they delegate. A manager also has to be efficient, with excellent problem-solving skills. Regardless of what business you are in, you will want efficiency, but you will always run into a problem, which will need to be resolved immediately. These problems can be internal with staff, or on a larger scale impacting the business for a sooner than later failure. You will want a manager who can fix the issues, find the issues and coordinate all of this by utilizing the business metric they are using. This metric of activity should be the guidelines in which the company wishes to follow and is a foundation that should make a business successful.

Marketing is another functional area that businesses thrive on. Some in my opinion view this as just a tool that is used to bring in business on a particular product. But in reality utilizes trends, ideas, generations, and considers a lot more from the inside of the company, and allow the outside world to notice it. The purpose of marketing is not to just find and increase new areas of...

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