Society and the Pressure to Be Perfect

Topics: Bullying, Aesthetics, Beauty Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: May 2, 2013
These days, it's all about the look, style, weight, anything you can think of to judge someone with. Studies believe that the teenage suicide rates have more than tripled over the last decade. Yet people still sit there wondering why, as if it wasn't already obvious enough, it's always the pressure to be perfect. Teenagers see everything differently, “Oh, you're a size five? Go on a diet tubs.” “You're a size double zero? Stop starving yourself, anorexic.” “You ate 5 slices of pizza?! Lay off the food fatty.” “You cut yourself? You must be emo.” I mean, seriously?! The list of put downs could go on for miles, it's just ridiculous. I feel as if I'm the only one here thinking, exactly what is perfect, what is beautiful, what is ugly.

I don't even see why people still use the reference 'self esteem', because almost no one has any, anymore. It's truly pathetic what people have come too. Then you have those models in megazines, they're fake. They hide under ten pounds of makeup and some photo shop editing software. Girls and boys dream of being those people, the media has kids starving themselves, scarfing and barfing, hacking away at their wrists and thighs, killing themselves. What are the parents supposed to think of this? Their child intentionally abusing themselves because they either get bullied or they want to be like perfect porcelain. Except no one can be perfect, because perfect is just a word people stamp all over to feel perfect.

Perfect is never the same, perfect is the impossible. Perfect is different to everyone, in which: no one can be perfect. I mean if you were ask me, I'd say perfect is Marianas Trench. Although, almost one to no one would agree with me. What is most awarded for being 'perfect' though, is being skinny, pretty, and popular.. three traits that any girl or boy would die for. Well, not every, but most. What is so good about be skinny, pretty, or popular anyway? Sure, you have more friends and people like you, but how do you know...
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