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Topics: Clothing, Veil, Physical Appearance Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: October 3, 2013

Respect Your Body and Image
In the introduction to, “Veiled Intentions: Don’t Judge a Muslim Girl by Her Covering”, Maysan Haydar gives a story as to why she first began covering. Specifically, Haydar argues that appearance is misjudged all over the world. As she puts it, “At the heart of my veiling is my personal freedom.” Although some people believe in being wanted only for looks, Haydar insists that there is no value in being assessed by an image. In sum then, her view is that veiling makes life easier, it makes her happier, and it gives her appreciation for not being judged solely upon looks. Haydar reminds us that it has become common today to extol woman based on their appearance. Haydar reveals that as a young girl she did not realize the reasoning behind veiling and what it made of her appearance. She leads on to realize that views and ideas were being asserted without prudence. She claims that a more clothed and less complicated apparel changes all outlooks on life. Haydar accepts that while people are fixed on beauty, figure, and judgment, she is more inclined to be respected with whatever she wears. People observe her appearance as being ridiculous and not well understood. What Haydar cannot believe is that these woman can wear such outrageous outfits and have no fear of confidence reduced by comments made towards them. She concludes that these women are being held captive to the society’s appearance-controlled environment. But as for her she states, “Me, I got to be free.” Haydar understands that the cloth she wore positively affected the evaluations of others towards her, and it let people appreciate her personality rather than her appearance.

Haydar finds it is often said that Muslim women veil because it is necessary and stressed by males of their religion. Haydar reports that all religious views of attire shift within every society. Her transition of her own apparel into the city of New York gave way to a whole new outlook of people’s...

Cited: Haydar, Maysan. Veiled Intentions: Don 't Judge a Muslim Girl by Her Covering. Viewpoints. By W. Royce. Adams. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2013. N. pag. Print.
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