Technology in Classrooms

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Ashley Yashaya
Rough Draft
“Technology should play a larger role in classrooms since we see such high improvements in students and classrooms.”
Technology improves everyday, and it is becoming more common in the newer generations. There are many studies, I’ve read many articles about how important technology became in the classrooms and how important its role became as well. Its role became an improvement for students and in classrooms.

In the classrooms, technology has become a leadership for both teachers and students. They have also improved. Students are able to visualize their studies better. Not only are they can take it home and visualize their work for their studies. They have access to their work even from home to view their work. Technology is also a benefit for teachers because now teachers are able to breakdown their teaching time to educate their students more. Teachers don’t have much time to teach their students in a year, so many of them it’s a great advantage to be able to teach through a power point or as Touro uses a blackboard system. They are able to teach more, and while having more time to teach, they can review more. Students who miss school, it wont be such an issue or trouble for them because they have a great access right at home or even on their smartphones. This is one of many ways technology can be a benefit for students and classrooms.

Another advantage of technology in classrooms is that it benefits students who enter college are advanced in the technology skills. I, being a student in high school took computer classes, which helped me in the college world. I was able to even educate teachers in the field. Students including I, feel empowered when we enter the college world. We feel like us, students can educate the teachers and teach them something that they don’t know. Studies are shown that many students are both with digital native. We see even in the newer generations that children, teenagers are very advanced in...
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