The Current Business Situation

Topics: Marketing, SWOT analysis, Strategic management Pages: 3 (512 words) Published: December 26, 2012
a) To Patricia,
I have assessed the current business situation for the Lodge Bistro Chain and I have decided to demonstrate, how your chain is effected by the external environment (threats),and what are the internal problems (weaknesses).To identify the problems I have done the SWOT analysed, and presented the two groups of factors which effected your business position. |STRENGHTS |WEAKNESSES | |Chain of 25 restaurants |Big turnover with stuff / uneconomic training | |Style of old fashioned French Bistro |Poor service and food production | |Long tradition on the market |The same menu | |Formal structure of the business |Lack of investment | | |Not regular audit visit | | |The procedures are not followed | | |Poor financial results | | | |

|OPPORTUNITIES |THREATS | |Gain the new customers |Recession | |Improve the employee relations...
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