The Face in the Mirror Was Not Mine

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: August 26, 2013
“The face in the mirror was not mine! What was going on?” Andrea thought. Now let me explain to you how this all happened… Andrea’s morning started off like every other day. School went well, and the evenings with her mom, dad and 2 older sisters followed the same routine as every other Thursday night. “Tonight everything is going to change for me. At 11:11 pm my biggest dream will finally come true,” Andrea thought as her wise father rambled on about what a colleague had said at lunch time. Her mother had noticed that she was being oddly quiet, and said to her: “Darling, you’ve barely touched you’re food.” Andrea replied to her that she was going through the lessons she had learned at school today. Later on that very same night Andrea looked on her wall-clock with the French-styled twirls and saw that it was only 10:11 pm. So she decided to revise her wish: “I wish that my inner beauty would shine out onto my body and face.” The reason for this specifically detailed wish was the fact that Andrea had never been particularly pretty, and they always say “Inner beauty shows on the inside and outside”. So Andrea always believed that her inner beauty, when brought out, would outshine her looks on the outside because she was always friendly and helpful and never complained about anything. As Andrea went on mumbling and thinking about this over and over, she had not noticed that it was already 11:05 pm. Luckily she had set an alarm on her phone earlier on for seven minutes past eleven. So as the time drew nearer Andrea embraced herself for what might or might not happen. As soon as her clock showed 11:11 pm, Andrea made her wish. She suddenly felt a tingle on her spine, and after that her whole, entire body started to ache and her entire felt like she was burning. Her terrible screams woke the entire household and they rushed into her room, only to find that there was a strange, odd-looking creature on their daughters’ bedroom floor. Andrea then started speaking and...
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