The Ginkgo Tree

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There are various reasons why the speaker’s heart goes with the ginkgo. As I read in the previewing on page 131 it states the ginkgo tree is the only survivor of a species of prehistoric past. It is also very different from the willow. Its squat shape and fan shaped leaves make it looks different. I believe that being different means being unique. When something is unique it stands out from everything usual in the crowd. The speaker could possibly be attracted to the history of the tree. In the poem it states “Somehow it survives and even thrives.” The speakers is referring this back to the ginkgo. It is saying that this tree is very strong even though the look of it may not to appeal to people. It is not like the willow tree which is sleek as a velvet-nosed calf. The ginkgo is leathery as an old bull. They are complete opposite trees. The willow tree is grown for beauty. They are generally grown near water. It is very graceful with dropping branches. On the other hand the ginkgo yields a nasty-smelling nut that spreads to the air around it. Just like the speaker, my heart would go to the ginkgo. The ginkgo is the un-favored or the unwanted of the two trees. In most cases this is what attracts people. One example, is whenever I watch the NFL super bowl, I always vote for the underdogs or the team least expected to win. Have you ever had someone tell you, that you should like one thing, but really you find fascinated to something else instead? Every individual has their own perspective on beauty. Some people don’t judge beauty on appearance. The definition of beauty states the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind. I judge beauty on the deeper depths of something. In particular, I find the ginkgo very strong for being the only survivor of a species of prehistoric plants. The last sentence says my eyes feat upon the willow, but my heart goes to the ginkgo. This sentence show that...
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