The Idea Of Otherness In Human Form

Topics: Physical Appearance, Thought, Blade Runner Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: February 18, 2014

The idea of otherness in human form
Otherness is an interesting description; it means something is out of the norm, not something you see every day. This is perfectly demonstrated by Dracula’s personality and the way he dresses, and by the replicants way of thinking. Dracula has a very old appearance, nevertheless, he still looks very menacing and treacherous. In an extract of the film by Francis Ford, Dracula is wearing a long red cape; abnormally long. It is bright red, as the colour of blood, which in a way describes the personality of Dracula being as we learn later on that he is a vampire. Later on in that film, we see Dracula climbing down a wall on his hands and feet, this confirms that he is not normal, he is in human form, but acts like an animal, or we could even say a monster. In an extract from Bram stocker’s Dracula novel, he is not described in the same way as he is portrayed in the film, although the otherness is still present. In the novel, Dracula is old and dressed all in black. “…stood a tall old man, clean shaven save for a long white moustache and clad black from head to foot without a single colour about him anywhere” Dracula seems like a very dark person, not very joyful. Usually, the only people that dress all in black are gothic’s, people who choose to be different from the norm. The replicants in Blade runner are a completely different matter to Dracula, they have a human appearance, but their strength and agility is superior to that of a human. They’re intelligence is equal to that of their creator, and that it shown by the discussion that Roy and Tyrell have about science and the prolongement of his life. It is difficult to tell the difference between a replicant and humans, but inside they are robots. The way Roy, one of the replicants kills his “father” is horrific, and all just because he hadn’t found a way to make Roy live longer, that shows that he is not completely human inside. From the text extracted from “Frankenstein”,...
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