The image of being 'perfect'.

Topics: Plus-size model, Beauty, Childhood Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: January 7, 2014
Perfect face, perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect skin, tall, size 0 models are the stereotypical woman who are plastered all over popular magazines in today's society. The image of being 'perfect' has a big impact on women and teenage girls around the nation. Flicking through magazines, on every second page there seems to be advertisements displaying pictures of popular celebrities which all look flawless and are wearing the best clothes there is, which can easily lower someones self esteem within seconds. Young people grow up now looking in mirrors identifying all their flaws and comparing themselves all the time to celebrities and models. 45% of people out of 2000 in a Dove survey agree that women feel women who are more beautiful have greater opportunities in life. As a young person myself with a big interest in fashion, I think it is important to seek for the reasons of why are models and celebrities today are made to look like something they are not?

Many women as well as teenage girls aspire to be as thin as possible, and in recent years it has became more popular for people today to visit gyms regularly. However, being healthy is one thing, but trying to become a size 0 just because of the way models and celebrities appear in advertisements, doesn't make them actually like that. Photoshop takes a big part in what people think celebrities look like as they are edited for every little detail, they are airbrushed to make their skin flawless, which also makes them appear thinner etc. Some models are thinned down to twenty pounds below their real weight. But then there is size 0 models who are commonly used in catwalks and for modelling famous brands too. There has been an ongoing debate about this as a lot of people do not agree with size 0 models as they think it is too thin and makes people want to be thinner like them which is known to be unhealthy. Some clothing brands today are starting to use 'plus size models' which there also has been arguments...
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