The Look: The Powerful Connection of Beauty and Success

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The Look: The Powerful Connection of Beauty and Success
In The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, Christopher Marlowe described Helen as having a “face that launched a thousand ships” (13.88). Many scholars agree the Helen to whom he was referring was the legendary Helen of Troy, believed to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Would history remember Helen so well had she been a woman of average looks? That is doubtful. Throughout history, one can find many stories of the accomplishments of beautiful people. This powerful connection between beauty and success is as evident today as in the days of Helen. Those aiming to maximize their opportunities and achievements in life would do well to learn and take advantage of this vital concept. While many are not born with classic beauty, anyone can significantly improve his or her appearance. Ambitious people around the world take extraordinary steps to improve their physical appearance, sometimes even utilizing surgical procedures. Although surgery is an extreme example, a person has a number of proven methods available to create his or her best look. Understanding and exploiting the powerful connection of beauty and success through proper dental care, dressing for success, and staying physically fit will dramatically increase anyone’s opportunities for achievement in career as well as personal life. Many strongly disagree with this notion. Some experts believe that an individual’s character and personal accomplishments are much more valuable to his or her success than looks. They believe that time and money utilized in the pursuit of physical beauty is wasted. Without a doubt, character, education, and experience are essential to anyone in life and career. Physical beauty does little to guarantee success except in a few specialized career fields. A person’s mind is his or her most powerful tool in creating true success. Nevertheless, to have the opportunity to create that success, the individual must first get the chance. Volumes of research prove that attractive people get more of those chances that do ordinary-looking people. Looks are crucial to the overall equation. Searching the internet for a connection between a winning smile and business success will provide hundreds of references, opinions, and suggestions. Many of these search results will be from dental clinics offering much data on the benefits of beautiful teeth to the modern businessperson. Cosmetic dentistry specialists, once used primarily by entertainment industry professionals, are now popular with people from all occupations. This branch of dentistry goes beyond basic dental health and straightening of teeth. Such treatments as the whitening of teeth, the installation of ceramic veneers to the front of the teeth, and the replacement of much of an individual tooth with a dental cap can totally transform a person’s smile. The result is a smile with bright, beautiful teeth that can significantly improve that vital first impression. Some traditional businesspeople argue that a pretty smile will not make one a better accountant or more accomplished airline pilot. While that is true, it is necessary to understand what is happening in the highly competitive world of American business. Noted economist Daniel Hamermesh of the University of Texas wrote extensively on the power of beauty in his book, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful. He notes, “The beautiful man or woman earns more than the above-average, and the homely earn less than the plain.” (48) Hamermesh’s work shows that while good looks are essential to both genders, women do appear to be examined more closely. He writes, “Ratings of women’s looks were more extreme than ratings of men’s: More were rated as plain or homely, more were rated as strikingly beautiful or above-average, and fewer were rated as possessing average looks.” (29) Looking into the future, Hamermesh sees beauty becoming even more powerful. He makes this prediction:...

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