The Pressure Being Put in Men to Look Attractive

Topics: Advertising, Physical Appearance, Beauty Pages: 5 (1994 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The society and the media at large set the standard of how a beautiful woman should look through advertisements and TV shows. It is obvious that. by the time a little girl growing up comes to a certain age like seventeen, she would have come across 10% of magazines containing direct statements of how a woman’s beauty ought to be. Women falling victim to this perception of “beauty” are raised with the notion that they must look like the professionals on advertisements and TV shows, thereby becoming a problem for some women who can’t meet such expectations. Susie Orbach in her essay titled “Fat is a Feminist Issue” demonstrates that irrational overeating and overweight among women can actually contradict expectation of sexist and patriarchal society. On the other hand, I came through a magazine that portrays the looks of sexy women, called “The Lawless Beauty.” Susie Orbach’s argument about the potential look of a woman’s body which corresponds to the social media’s characteristics of fashion, gives me a better understanding of some advertisements and images from magazines. Specifically, Susie Orbach’s concepts of “women being candidate for men, becomes huge prey to fashion and dieting industries”, a woman must occupy herself with a self-image that others will find attractive and lastly a woman must be thin reveals how advertisements in magazines portray women’s looks. One way in which Susie Orbach’s essay helps the reader to understand the commercials and images in magazines is her concept of “women being candidates for men, becomes huge prey to fashion and dieting industries”(451) It is obvious that since women are to present themselves in other to be admired by men, they tend to be in demands for some fashion and dieting industries that use women who are self-conscious about their looks and shapes, as a means to target some individuals in the society for their products. According to Susie Orbach, a woman must present herself as an item before a man, whereby she must be physically fit, self-conscious and confident with herself and her appearance that will convey the message about the kind of person she is, in order to be attracted by men. Orbach proved her concept when she said “since women are taught to see themselves from the outside as candidates for men, they become prey to the huge fashion and diet industries that first set up the ideal images and then exhort women to meet them. The message is loud and clear-the woman’s body is not her own. The woman’s body is not satisfactory as it is. It must be thin, free of “unwanted hairs,” deodorized, perfumed and clothed. It must confirm to an ideal physical type.”(451) Basically, Susie Orbach is saying that since women are being taught to view themselves in a distinct characteristics in other to be admired, the dieting industries and fashion companies tends to use women images to meet these characteristics. This concept of Susie Orbach draws my attention to Victoria’s Secret company once advertised a new brand of face make-up product called MAC, so as to increase their sales by attracting more customers especially women to buy the new product. The beauty company bearing in mind that the important goal was to produce an image of a thin, beautiful and confident woman to use for advertising their make-up product in which when viewed, it will raise individual’s interest especially women to buy the product. Viewing some images of women’s make-ups in commercial magazines and advertisements, it enables me to understand Susie Orbach’s essay in the sense that, the women in the magazines possesses the attributes in Susie Orbach’s concept of “women being candidates for men, becomes huge prey to fashion and dieting industries” in which the image of a woman’s make-up is used by these commercial companies to illustrate the look of a woman. Looking through the May 2013 edition of Essence magazine named “flawless beauty.” Specifically on page (3) the magazine portrays three aspects...
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