The Role of Managers in Each Functional Area of Business

Topics: Human resource management, Business, Management Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: October 4, 2013
Managers are essential for any type of business in order to succeed. They are specialists required to perform a particular set of specialized roles that are dependent on the functional area in which they work [1]. Their rule cannot be ignored. They are the ones who are responsible of planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling [2]. This paper is designated to study the role of managers in the different functional areas of any business. But what are the functional areas of any business? What are the types of managers and what skills they need to have for each functional area? The following shows the answers for each question. Any business consists of a number of functional areas. The functional areas are the specialized departments within a business. These departments carry out specific functions that assists the business overall. Businesses are classified as small or large. In the case of small businesses, the functional areas are not definite because the owner usually produces and markets his own products, does his own accounting and personnel work. Large businesses need more specialized departments. Most large businesses have four functional areas: Production, Finance, Marketing, Personnel, and Research and Development [3]. As we defined the functional areas, let’s take a brief look at each one and what type of management it has: 1. Production. Production is defined as the manufacture or assembly of the final product [4]. The production manager is the one who is in charged about making decisions to make sure that the final product follows the company’s policy regarding quality, quantity, time lines, and the assembly or manufacturing processes. He coordinates the work culture and plans and controls the processes of production. He also has to make sure that the quality of the final product complies with the company’s standards.

2. Finance. It’s the department where all the financial activities are processed. Sales, income, expanses,...

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