True Beauty Does Not Depend on Onward Smartness

Topics: Beauty, Physical Appearance, Aesthetics Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: April 11, 2013
True beauty does not depend on onward smartness
Intro:Beauty is not just the physical appearance. it is something more. It is something that can’t be found just through the physical appearance. It even requires to be felt not seen. The qualities that define beauty normally is completely different from those that truly defines ‘beauty’ truly. It lies far beneath the skin. That’s why true beauty is hardly related to the onwards smartness. 1:Normally we mean or justify beauty just throughout the physical appearance. But it’s not what the actual beauty means. True beauty is something that can never be found through just the eye. It lies beneath the skin. It’s the behavior, the manners; the whole personality of a person that defines true beauty .That’s what the “beauty” truly means. The meaning of the word “beauty” is confusing itself. If we search the dictionary we will find that it means something that is pleasing to the eyes, ears etc. that gives us a feeling that we are talking about the physical smartness. But true beauty is something beyond that. It lies in personality which is the most charming one. 2:Secondly, the onward smartness or the onward smartness hardly reflects the personality or behavior of a person. The physical appearance or the outlooks can give us a guess about a person. But that is just a guess. And any decision taken based on a just a guess night turn out to be a bad one. Because a good or charming person might have a lame personality. Which things can lead him/her to be avoided by others. Patience, helpfulness, good behavior these are the things we highly expect from a person when we are about to make any kind of contact with a person and these things matter the most. A good looking person with a rude behavior or not being ready to help others, will not be something we expect. And a person not having these qualities will not be loved by others no matter what look that person possesses.

3:Then, the true qualities, which define true beauty...
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