Turning Men Into Women

Topics: Transgender, Physical Appearance, Change Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Jack O’Leary
Ms. Rehbein
Turning Men Into Women
The idea that magazines are turning men into women is true. In recent years, men have been becoming more and more concerned about their looks. This is happening for various reasons. But just because media is changing the definition of “men”, that does not mean men are as bad as their women counterparts. As a whole, Women are still more concerned about their looks than men will probably ever be.

Men are more concerned about their looks than they were a couple decades ago. However, change is not necessarily a terrible thing, it’s just different. If a man feels compelled to look cleaner and less gruff and withered, men should have the choice to do so without judgment. Also, just because some men are becoming more sensitive about their looks doesn’t mean all men are.

There are still men who could care less about how they look and some men still look about as gruff as a man can look. Many men may still look nice, but they may not care at all about up keeping themselves and looking good for them just comes naturally.

When the article states that 20% of men are now getting manicures and pedicures and more than 690,000 men got cosmetic pedicures nationwide (and 690,000 people is a relatively small number of people compared to the number of people in the total population of the United States), it is possible that men are just trying to look cleaner and healthier to appease women. The more attractive looking a man is in a woman’s eyes, the more likely she will choose him. Women could be forcing some men to change their appearance because women are changing theirs. Some men feel have to change their appearance to meet the ever growing standards of women’s thoughts and looks.

Even though men in general may be changing their appearances and habits doesn’t mean they are as sensitive and worrisome as women about their looks. Men’s growth in caring about how they look is rather sluggish compared to...
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