Unit 1 - P2 Argyle & Tuckman's Theories of Communication

Topics: Communication, Psychology, Thought Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: January 15, 2014
This assignment will discuss two well known theories of effective communication. Firstly it will look at Michael Argyle (1972), the cycle of communication and then it will discuss Bruce Tuckman (1965) stages of communication. Michael Argyle (1972) looks at the cycle of communication which involves six stages this is about sending receiving and the decoding of messages between individual and also groups. 1.An ideas occurs – when one has thought of an idea that they want to express with another person/s

2.Message coded – when the idea has been thought through, there is a thought process of how this idea is going to then be communicated. There is a thought as to how this message is going to express it, as it could be through language, writing, sign or symbols or whatever it may be.

3.Message sent – articulate the message, may it be verbal, written, sign or use what would be most appropriate in order to communicate effectively.

4.Message received – when the message has been heard or seen, depending on how the message was sent in the first place.

5.Message decoded – this is where the person who had received the message is starting to make sense of the message. As one tries to decode the message is received is at this point where they can miss interpret the message.

6.Message understood – providing that all goes well the initial idea is then understood but sometimes this doesn’t always happen. Once there is understanding then
Bruce Tuckman’s (1965), stages of communication looks at how a group of people have to develop their behaviour in order to become an effective group, all to reach a common goal. His sequential theory has four stages of communication. 1.Forming – has been considered to be the introduction stage, where it is not clear to the group what their purpose is. At the same time they put one another under scrutiny as they are not too familiar with each other, so there in not much in the way of trust either. So as a result...
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