What is Beauty and Sexuality?

Topics: Beauty, Physical Appearance, The Prisoner Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: September 21, 2014
What is Beauty and Sexuality?
Ma Lit
Mr. Luke
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What is beauty and sexuality to you? How do we define beauty and sexuality? People in the world have different perspectives of defining beauty due to their culture, religion, or even the people around them. In the “Allegory of the Cave” by Plato, there are prisoners that are chained up in a cave with a fire behind them so that they can only face the wall and see the shadows of objects passing by the cave. They have never seen the world outside of the cave. One prisoner is then unchained and freed to the outside world. He then sees the different world and goes back to the cave, trying to describe the spectacular things that he saw to his fellow prisoners. However, the other prisoners do not believe him because they can only see shadows. Throughout the essay, I will discuss the symbolisms of beauty in the allegory and describe another theory related to the true beauty.

In the allegory, there are three main objects. The cave, the fire, and the sun. Firstly, the cave and fire, it represents a barricade from the true form and casts shadows on the walls. It is the object that makes all the prisoners think that the things they see in the cave is the truth. In terms of beauty, the cave for beauty is the cultural stereotype and standards. For instance, the Kayan tribe in Thailand consider women with long necks like giraffes beautiful and elegant. They wear brass rings around their necks to make their necks longer. Moreover, in Mauritania, women with weight are considered attractive and beautiful. If we argue that women with average weight more attractive than an overweight women to a man living in Mauritania, he will disagree because to them overweight is beauty. Next, the sun represents the truth. When the freed prisoner comes out of the cave, he sees the sunlight. It is the first object to make the prisoner realize the real world. The true form of beauty is not only judged by one’s...
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