What Is a Nurse?

Topics: Nursing, Health, Health care Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: September 13, 2013
Danielle Rudolph

Position Paper #1
A nurse is someone who has the knowledge and capability to take care of those in need. Nurses manage, maintain, or recover health and quality of life. This means providing care in not only a vital/physical manner, but in ways such as comfort, confidentiality, teaching, and advocacy. Nurses strive to achieve the best quality of life for their patients regardless of their ailments, culture, religion, ethnicity, age and so on. Nurses are capable of assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating care. Being a nurse requires someone who is able to care for others with a pure heart, rather than focusing on meeting merely the requirements. Nursing is a profession focused on the holistic care of individuals, families, and communities. Nursing not only focuses on what the health care team is concerned about but the patient’s outlook as well. It is an art combined with applied science to help people in their most vulnerable times, doing the things they cannot do for themselves. Nursing also plays an important role in balancing illness, health maintenance, and health education. It will always be the present and future of our economy. I want to be a nurse because I have a great desire to help people and care for them in times of need. I have been lucky enough to meet and work alongside some nurses who have inspired me, and I hope one day to equal their skill, attentiveness, and passion. I also think it would be very fulfilling that my input no matter how small, could impact the lives of those I care for. Also, nursing is a career with endless job opportunities.
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