What makes a woman beautiful

Topics: Physical Appearance, Physical attractiveness, Sexual attraction Pages: 2 (869 words) Published: September 16, 2014
Despite the movement of feminism, women in modern society are still seen as an object of beauty rather than given the respect of a human with emotions. As appearance is considered an important quality in society today, women are placed under pressure to be physically appealing to both males and females. Women considered to be ‘hot’ are generally those with a high sex-appeal or stunning physical appearance whereas being beautiful is a lustrous characteristic not merely reliant on one’s genes. Also, a bland or discourteous personality may override any physical appeal a woman may have. Likewise, a devoted, passionate and respectful personality can compensate for the lack of ‘perfect’ features of a woman. However, people see beauty differently and completely relies on their individual interests. The physical appearance of a ‘hot’ woman and the personality of a ‘beautiful’ woman can’t be compared. According to men, having large breasts, a glowing face and skin, bedroom eyes, lean and sexy legs and a toned figure are among the physical attributes of an attractive woman1. Therefore, virtually any woman can become ‘hot’ simply by extreme diets, intense exercise and plastic surgery. In turn, women focus on these ‘important’ attributes and forget inner beauty. Inner beauty, difficult to appreciate with looks alone, is what connects with people and is referred to as ‘that special something’. Being beautiful is the way a woman walks, talks and presents herself to others. Some men believe having passion and being able to get excited over certain things, having the confidence to not owe her looks to anyone, not feeling the urge to fight for attention and being humble and mysterious is attractive. Intelligence of being able to logically speak her mind, have self-confidence, be compassionate and not crave the approval of others can be considered beautiful2. Therefore, being beautiful is much more than a skin-deep quality, more like a unique quality to few. According to the...
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