Women's Magazines Affect Women

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Women’s Magazines Are Lights of Women
Do you know why women’s magazines play an important role to women? How women’s magazines affect women’s lives? If you can answer these two questions, you have already understood how women’s magazines deeply influence women’s lives, for women’s magazines not only provide information which is about the newest make up, the hottest fashions, or the best hair styles, women’s magazines also give tips about women’s health, relationship, and career. Additionally, in Women’s Magazines and Female Identities Today, Davie Gauntlett explains that women’s magazines help women how to be “ideal women” who look attractively, dress well, and run enviable careers. After women read women’s magazines, they tried their best to be the “ideal women”. Furthermore, what three women’s magazines editors, Lynya Floyd, Damarys Ocana, and Suzan Colon, talk about is similar to Gauntlett. According to these three women’s magazines editors, a woman should realize what her dream is and tries her best to chase what future she wants but should not just stay at home and take care of her children and family. Though when a woman is facing problems, she will fear to overcome problems, women’s magazines suggest women to flip negative feelings, release, and show herself to everyone. As what Gauntlett and three women’s magazines editors state, women’s magazines are empowering women by sending positive advice which encourages women to improve their beauties, lifestyles and personalities. First, women’s magazines empower women by promoting an idea that women’s magazines assist women to enhance their physical appearance. Speciallncially, the most influential factor of women’s physical appearance is what she dresses and how she wears make-up produces. Therefore, women magazines tell women “how to dress and do your [women’s] makeup….” (Gauntlett 187). According to “ Allure” (2012), “ Make sure at least one of your...
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