A Women's Beauty

Topics: Power, Woman, Physical Appearance Pages: 7 (749 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Essay title:A Woman’s Beauty: Put-Down or Power Source?

Writer: Susan Sontag

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| | | |Summary of paragraphs (sections) |Your own response to paragraph summary | |Be sure to write the number of paragraph or section |(thoughts, questions, agreement, disagreement, etc.) | |In Greek, people believe that beauty is |I agree with this point because inner and outer | |Superiority and that person who has beauty should be perfect. Also, inner beauty |Beauty are matched and almost the same. If an ugly woman is kind, smart, and | |and outer beauty should be matched. So, Socrates, who is very ugly, is an example|attractive, we can regard he as a beautiful woman. However, if a beautiful woman | |of contradiction in the world because in his case, inner and outer beauty didn’t |is very evil, bad, and hot- tempered, we can think of her as an ugly woman. | |match. | | | |In this paragraph, I think the writer emphasizes | |Unlike the past, we know that we should be |The danger of outer beauty and the difference between the inner and the outer | |Careful of beauty and inner and outer beauty are different. |beauty. | | | | | | | |It is Christianity that beauty is dangerous and |Why did Christianity dislike beauty and define | |Should not be the central place. Christianity finally defines only virtue as |Virtue as only human’s greatness? | |human’s greatness. After that beauty doesn’t have power and it becomes convention| | |that beauty is assigned to only women. | | | | | | | | |In English, when we want to compliment | | |Someone, we choose the right words depending on one’s sex. The word ’beautiful’ |But I don’t think that compliments for one sex | |is only given to women. We can see the paradox here. |Is paradoxical because we should use the languages in the right situation. That’s | | |why we use a lot of words when calling one thing. | |...
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